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Jul 22 2014

Eventually - by Simone Wolff -


our toes popped out the weave of jelly shoes
and rolls of puffy stickers got spent on old
                   butterfly clips and scrunchies busted
and tore up our long tight-braided hair
nylon barbie backpack lightup velcro sneakers
all our fashions and our juvenilia
have become our trash
                                         we were holes
the world was falling through       fast

Courtney Love is still in my heart
every time I fall through someone else
my plastic ponies trotting off the shelf
I get trashed under skies all violet
singing give the violet more violence
I was a hole but now I’m a meatgrinder

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Jul 21 2014
My beloved
I have something to tell you
When stuff gets too good it gets bad
That dark good stuff
It always gets bad…
Niina Pollari’s Lana Del Rey poems are so good. Better even than Lana Del Rey, some might say.

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Jul 19 2014
Jul 18 2014



From Adult Swim’s singles series, hear the first song in 20 years from stoner-metal band Sleep

Sleep was hilariously cagey in a very brief email exchange with me. One of the bits up there, but also…

It would be impossible to describe any new material from Sleep that does not yet exist. There is no preconceived idea of what the new material should be. It would be an amalgamated effort of decades of riff immersion.


Turning headphones up to 11.

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Jul 14 2014


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Jun 25 2014
I’m fascinated by femininity, and how perfect femininity seems so unattainable, but that a lot of what is desired is this perfection, to be polished, to be perfectly groomed. I find flaws in the performance of femininity much more beautiful, the feral — the chips in the glittery nail polish, the pained cuticles, the unbrushed hair, the holes in stockings. It’s always struck me as impossible, to be groomed, and so expensive and time-consuming. That doesn’t mean I don’t try, but I do it quite badly, my femininity often feels like a total failure. I feel that even more, here living in New York, among people who spend so much time and energy and money constructing and curating themselves.
— Kate Zambreno, in a fantastic conversation with Karolina Waclawiak about Zambreno’s book, Green Girl

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Jun 22 2014
[Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s wife’s] memoirs, published as the Confessions of Wanda von Sacher-Masoch, after his death, constituted a sort of astonishing housewife’s lament, a harried account of trying to raise the children and make ends meet, while keeping in mind that at the end of a long day she still had to put on her furs, pick up her whips, and become her husband’s merciless ideal.
— From Larry Wolff’s introduction to the 2000 Penguin Classic edition of Venus in Furs

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Jun 19 2014

Iggy Pop and Johnny Thunders, 1974


Iggy Pop and Johnny Thunders, 1974

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