Judy Berman

Jun 13 2012


Terrence Malick on TMZ 

so this is amazing. banal paparazzi death circus TMZ chased down Benicio del Toro for some extremely pressing questions about the future of political borders, completely ignorant of the fact that Terrence Malick — the most elusive and press-shy filmmaker in the world — was right in front of them. Malick, who has approximately 82 films in various states of production right now, has been everywhere these past few weeks, but no press outlet on earth has gotten close enough to him to ask him any questions. TMZ did. and they blew it. they blew it so hard. oh, the decline of western civilization.

i can’t, in good conscience, embed an episode of that show on my site, but HEAD OVER TO VULTURE TO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF.

p.s. make sure to enjoy Malick’s completely smooth paparazzi dodge, like that friend who leaps out of the way whenever someone whips out a camera. except, in this case, that friend made Tree of Life.

I have been loving this story all day, but I am reblogging this post for “banal paparazzi death circus.”

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