Judy Berman

Jun 19 2012
So look. I was in this band called The Dismemberment Plan, that was a large-club act in the late-90s and early 2000s. We were never as big as Cracker but we did ok. I’m 39. I still make music. I make no money from it anymore. I’ve had my ups and downs. It’s all good. And I stole the f*** out of music before there ever was an internet, David, and then Napster came along and s*** got real. I’m going to take a moment to describe some of my memories and methods of wanting music so badly that I just reached out and grabbed it even before Napster made it easy and cool. Apparently, none of my cohort ever did any of this stuff; I had some majorly goody-goody friends it seems. Either that, or they are doing that generational-amnesia thing. We are reaching That Age…

Travis Morrison on Emily White

1. Travis Morrison is the Director of Commercial Production at HuffPo? I did not know that!

2. People have made a lot of good points about Emily White, and I don’t agree with her argument, but as Morrison points out, there really does seem to be some nasty intergenerational stuff going on, too. How many of the people going off on this girl also romanticize trading mix tapes and listening to the radio for hours until that one song you loved came on so you could record it? Certainly, there’s a difference in scale, but the predicament of loving more music than you can afford to buy is not new, and teenagers solving that dilemma by finding a way to steal that music is as old as cassette tapes — which the industry also absolutely freaked out about at the time.

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