Judy Berman

Jul 12 2013
Oh and I liked Rachel Kushner’s Flamethrowers, but it does not even begin to be talked about as a “great American novel.” It is a “good” American novel, though I much preferred Francesca Segal’s The Innocents (which is almost great) and Jami Attenberg’s The Middlesteins which is not quite as almost-great as The Innocents, but well-worth everyone’s time. For the most recent “great” American novels, I’m sorry but I’m sticking with the Jonathans: both Freedom and The Corrections by Franzen and Fortress of Solitude by Lethem.
Here is the paragraph (via Jason Diamond) that necessitated the coining of the term “Jonathansplaining.” Nice try, ladies, but leave the real Great American Novel-writing to the Jonathans.

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